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international affairs

The International and European Activities Programme forms the policy framework for international and European affairs, setting out the priorities for the years ahead. The programme was developed in order to bring integration and structure to Rotterdam’s international and European activities and to make those activities more transparent and easier to understand.
The international policy of the municipality of Rotterdam concentrates on a number of high-priority countries and cities, chosen for economic or geographical reasons. In addition, Rotterdam is also working to strengthen its profile and position by undertaking international activities and being successful in a number of areas:
• climate change
• energy and water
• social cohesion and participation
• art, culture and sport

To find the right economic partners, one must begin by bridging the cultural differences. But economics is not the only reason for taking action. There are other objectives as well, such as exchanging knowledge, social and cultural co-operation, and attracting sporting and other events.
Rotterdam adopts a city-wide approach to its international policy, which means that not just municipal services are involved, but also businesses and other organisations.


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